Interactions Gallery Call

The 34th British Human Computer Interaction Conference will be held from the 11th to the 13th of July, 2022, at Keele University.

The conference theme for 2022 is “Towards a Human-Centred Digital Society” and we are hoping to curate and display an exciting and engaging Interactions Gallery

We are delighted to invite submissions from researchers, students, practitioners, creative businesses, makers, artists and developers exploring, inspiring, creating and evaluating our conference theme in topic areas both within and outside of HCI.

The Opportunity

At British HCI 2022, our Interactions Gallery will be hosted in the atrium of The Smart Innovation Hub of Keele University and will be an opportunity for delegates to have a variety of engagements. To fill this curated space, we are calling for artworks, installations, demonstrations, digital artefacts and experiences inspired by the conference theme of Towards a Human-Centred Digital Society. We are open to expressive and alternative means of display and our team will work with you to try to help display your work in a manner that maximises its impact. You will be asked to attend your artefact during social activities between paper presentations. You will also be expected to make a short presentation about your artefact during a plenary session.

Submitting to the Interaction Gallery is open to everyone and we particularly encourage applications from DIY makers, artists, students, researchers, creative businesses and creative practitioners to submit exciting, novel ways of engaging with our theme.

Exhibitors’ attendance is required if their proposals are accepted and they will be expected to register for the conference. It is your responsibility to install and remove works before and after the conference. The Interactions gallery co chairs are Tom Flint and Tanis Grandison . Please email them directly with any questions you may have.

Submission Guidelines

Interaction Gallery submissions should be created using the eWiC template.

To encourage further discourse, submissions can be 2-6 pages
In the first 2-6 pages of your submission, you must include the following sections [if your work is accepted, these pages are published in the conference proceedings]:

  1. Title of work
  2. Name(s) of participants/submitters & authors affiliation/contact details.
  3. Short biography of artists/composers/performers/designers.
  4. An overview outlining the work that you are going to present in the gallery (e.g. artwork; installation; demo; app; digital artefact; etc.). This should
    1. outline what the user is meant to experience through interacting with the work and how they interact with it
    2. incorporate 3 or more images of the proposed work with descriptive captions
    3. provide a rationale explaining the conceptual and/or research agenda behind the work

Technical Description

A subsequent page, titled Technical Description will provide a technical description of the piece detailing dimensions of work, submission duration and format and all requirements for exhibition.
List equipment (if any) to be provided by the conference organisers and whether the work is adaptable if space and equipment cannot be resourced.
Online resources – links to content /images/video relating to this work.

Selection Process

All submissions will be peer reviewed. The decision on acceptance or rejection of a proposal will be made on the basis of the overall quality of the proposal and its appeal to the HCI community. For accepted proposals, the 2-6 page overviews will be included in conference proceedings and published open access in the BCS eWiC series on ScienceOpen.

Important Dates

Late breaking papers deadline: 6th June 2022

Late-breaking notification: 24th June 2022