Interactions Gallery

Interactions Gallery at the 2022 BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference

The BCS HCI Conference Interactions Gallery will curate and display exciting, expressive and engaging interactions in the during the BCS Human-Computer Interaction Conference on 12th and 13th July at Keele University.

Interactions Gallery exhibits will be displayed in the spacious foyer and connected rooms of the ‘IC6’/Denise Coates Building opposite Keele’s main entrance. The building can be seen here on the conference venues map.

The Interactions Gallery co-chairs are Tom Flint and Tanis Grandison

Authors/exhibitors and titles


  1. Susan Lechelt, Inge Panneels and Ingi Helgason. Data-Driven Innovation for Sustainable Creative Practice (80)
  2. John Morrison, Andrew Mckelvey and Matthew Kranicz. Experiential Dialogues: Extended Reality as an Attentive Means of Listening and Knowing Care Identity (52)
  3. Sandra Woolley, Seb Heron, Joash Abejide and Matthew Chau. Digital Art, Interactive Animation and Creative Expression in the Computer Science Curriculum (76)
  4. Alan Dix. Tools for community heritage and digitisation
  5. Tanis Grandison, Tom Flint and Kirstie Jamieson. Digi-Mapping: Creative Placemaking with Psychogeography (24)
  6. Tom Flint and Linda Shore. Emotional Data Visualised (EDV) (28)


  1. Lynne Hall, Gill Hagan-Green and Samiullah Paracha. Alternative Views of Cyber Security: Innovation, Art and Collaborative Practice (74)
  2. Craig Appleby and Sophy Smith. A Cybernetic Performance System for Live Performance (17)
  3. Sandra Woolley, Tim Collins, Erlend Gehlken, Richard Rhodes and Mustafa Dhar. Interactive 3D Viewer Interfaces for Virtual Museum Artefacts (77)
  4. Fiona Stewart, Tom Flint, Tanis Grandison, Gemma Webster and Craig Tyrie. Let’s Play the Arcade Machines (30)
  5. James Mitchell. An Augmented Reality Virtual Museum ‘Takeout’ Interaction (83)

Proceedings – Password will be made available during the conference

The original call can be found at Interactions Gallery Open Call.