Tuesday Schedule

Provisional, subject to change

Time Room Author & Paper Room Author & Paper
09:00 LG.030 Welcome and Introductions
09:30 Keynote (Raymond Bond)
Tools and Techniques HCI in Education 1
10:30 LG.030 Alan Dix, Elizabeth Jones, Charlotte Armstrong and Rachel Cowgill
Tools and technology to support rich community heritage
Paper 17
LG.031 Duha Assaf, Dena Al Thani and Bilikis Banire
The Impact of Language on Students’ Emotional States in Educational Games: A Comparative Study
Paper 4
10:45 Luke Wilsdon, Maria Uther, Darren Chadwick and Chris Fullwood
Using audio-mixing software to facilitate remote data collection of conversational interactions
Paper 34
Weam Alghabban and Robert Hendley
Exploring the Effectiveness of Adaptation Based on Dyslexia Type and Reading Skill Level to Support Learners with Dyslexia
Paper 6
11:00 Emma Lieu, Jennifer Cole and Chris Watkins
Bring Something to the Potluck: A System for Inclusive and Reciprocal Online Discussion
Paper 37
Danny Veth, Isabella Saccardi and Judith Masthoff
Designing a Peer Assessment for Identification of Students’ Group Work Problems
Paper 8
11:15 Daryl Camilleri, Mark Micallef and Chris Porter
Assessing Task Difficulty in Software Testing using Biometric Measures
Paper 13
Hadeel Al-Dawsari and Robert Hendley
Understanding the Needs of Arab Learners with Dyslexia for Adaptive Systems
Paper 12
11:30 Break
11:45 Break
12:00 LG.030 Interaction Gallery
Short talks
13:00 Lunch and Interactions Gallery Exhibits
HCI in Education 2 Tools and Techniques
14:00 LG.030 Hadeel Al-Dawsari and Robert Hendley
The Impact of Matching E-Training Material To Dyslexia Type On Reading Performance and Learner Satisfaction & Behavior
Paper 18
LG.031 Gordon Rugg, Amy Martin and Maria Brasoveanu
Meh, Marmite, Ick & Wow: Using paired feedback scales for liking and disliking
Paper 9
14:15 Lynne Hall, Samiullah Paracha, Gill Hagan-Green, Catrina Ure and Phil Jackman
Cyber Eyes Wide Open: Creative Collaboration between Artists, Academics & Cybersecurity Practitioners
Paper 30
Christof van Nimwegen, Kristi Bergman and Almila Akdag
Shedding light on assessing Dark Pattern: Introducing the System Darkness Scale (SDS)
Paper 14
14:30 Dongjie Xu and Janet Read
Guidelines for translating text materials into eLearning courses – imparting learning techniques to text with interactive assets
Paper 32
Gavin Sim and Matthew Horton
CHUX Toolkit: A Method to Evaluate Long Term User Experience with Children
Paper 26
14:45 Husniza Husni, Norsafinar Rahim, Shafinah Farvin Packeer Mohamed and Zulikha Jamaludin
Dysgraphia and Learning to Write with Technology – An Evaluation
Paper 40
Tom Flint, Brian O’Keefe, Michael Mastermaker, Miriam Sturdee and David Benyon
Blended Experience Narratives
Paper 20
15:00 Break
15:15 Break
HCI Methods (Data, Measures and Context)
15:30 LG.030 Mary Pidgeon, Nadia Kanwal, Niall Murray and Mamoona Asghar
End-to-End Emotion Recognition using Peripheral Physiological Signals
Paper 16
15:45 Gordon Rugg, Colin Rigby, Sue Gerrard, Amy Martin, Jennifer Skillen, Emma Bonfiglio, Shailey Minocha, Allison Gardner, Gavin Taylor and Yuxin Guo
Knowledge Infrastructure
Paper 19
16:00 Gavin Sim and Janet C Read
Using Eye Tracking to Understand the Fidelity Effect when Evaluating Low-Fidelity prototypes with Children
Paper 24
16:15 James Mitchell, Nadia Kanwal and Ed de Quincey
Using physiological signals to measure the Quality-of-Experience of Health Care Professionals when interacting with a clinical guideline mobile app
Paper 21
16:30 LG.030 Closing Announcements