Wednesday Schedule

Provisional, subject to change

Time Room Author & Paper Room Author
09:00 LG.030 Keynote (Janet Read)
HCI in Health HCI in Games/Virtual Reality/Virtual Humans/Robots
10:00 LG.030 Diana Robinson, Luke Church, Alan F Blackwell, Alain Vuylsteke, Kenton O’Hara and Martin Besser
Investigating Uncertainty in Postoperative Bleeding Management: Design Principles for Decision Support
Paper 5
LG.031 Anouk Stijnen, Manuel Gomes de Pinho Baptista, Mohhamedsaleh Khalli and Robb Mitchell
Sneaky Were-Bees: Dynamics of an Augmented Dodgeball Game Played In The Dark
Paper 25
10:15 Dan Fitton, Janet Read and Sheral Thompson
Understanding Instagram’s Deep Dive into Teen Mental Health
Paper 15
Shu Wei and Anna Bramwell-Dicks
Do People Matter? Presence and Prosocial Decision-making in Virtual Reality
Paper 2
10:30 Bethany Strong, Peter McCarthy, Ali Roula, Liucheng Guo and Biao Zeng
Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy (VRMT) to Improve Finger Dexterity in Post-stroke Survivors: A Preliminary Study on Feasibility at Home-based Intervention
Paper 29
Jacqueline Urakami, Marie-Luce Bourguet and Gentiane Venture
Robot public speakers’ effect on audience affective reaction and attention allocation
Paper 1
10:45 James Mitchell, Ed de Quincey, Charles Pantin and Naveed Mustfa
Applying recommendations and working with clinical experts to understand, adapt, verify, and validate clinical information for mobile delivery
Paper 31
Sanobar Dar, Aniko Ekart and Ulysses Bernardet
A Remote Breathing Relaxation System- A case-study for Web-based Realtime Adaptive Human to Virtual Human Interaction
Paper 11
11:00 Break
11:15 Break
AI, Ethics and Legal applications/issues HCI Design
11:30 LG.030 Muhammad Jehanzaib Yousuf, Nadia Kanwal, Mohammad Samar Ansari, Mamoona Asghar and Brian Lee
Deep Learning based Human Detection in Privacy-Preserved Surveillance Videos
Paper 23
LG.031 Wael Elzanaty, Nikos Kalogeras and David White
The impact of banner advertisement placement for Arabic readers and advertising outcomes
Paper 27
11:45 Shefeh Prisilia Mbuy and Marco Ortolani
Algorithmic Impact Assessment for an Ethical Use of AI in SMEs
Paper 28
Kanar Hama Salih, Goksel Misirli and Gordon Rugg
Assessing commonality and differences in terminology across design disciplines
Paper 33
12:00 Deborah Whittle and Lynne Hall
Applying Cognitive Computing to Legal Services
Paper 36
Jim Nixon, Richard Clewley and Tendai Rukasha
Automation transparency and the design of intelligent aircraft engine interfaces
Paper 35
12:15 Interactions Gallery
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Remote
Streaming in LG.031
Philipp Schaper, Anna Riedmann, Miriam Semineth and Birgit Lugrin
Addressing Motivation in an E-Learning Scenario by applying Narration and Choice
Paper 3
LG.030 Interaction Gallery
Short talks
14:15 Masaki Omata and Naho Kiriyama
A Model for Estimating Subjective Evaluation Values of Video Degradation from Viewers’ Physiological Signals
Paper 7
14:30 Tiffany E. Taylor
The User’s Experience. Exploring the Impact our Interactions With Technology Have on Us
Paper 22
14:45 Matthew Shonman, Xiaoyu Shi, Mingqing Kang, Zuo Wang, Xiangyang Li and Anton Dahbura
Using a Computational Cognitive Model to Understand Phishing Classification Decisions
Paper 10
15:00 Break
15:15 Break
15:30 LG.030 Keynote (Helen Petrie)
16:30 Discussion, Awards and Conclusion